White Label Websites As Part Of A Clever Growth Strategy

We are more than used to supermarkets selling a wide array of products under their own label, considerably cheaper than similar original products. We secretly enjoy the bargain and thank them for doing that when we are trying to live on a tight budget.

It is exactly the same in business. When companies are looking for ways to expand their services offer without having to invest thousands of pounds in creating the technology and infrastructure behind it, they can do so by turning to companies providing White Label solution. Take websites for example: Expedia offers its own white label solution to power travel websites; LoveFilm has a business solution to power DVD rentals for large retail stores; book stores use a solution from Amazon for their online operations; hosting service providers and franchises offer white label ecommerce websites by Zed Zed Productions. To understand it better one might use the analogy with outsourcing: without creating excessive overheads themselves the companies are using facilities of the specialized manufacturers/suppliers to create their products at reasonable cost.

So if your company is a cleaning services franchise for example, not only will you be able to provide your franchisees with necessary training, supplies and marketing literature, but also offer them a website with your unique design and features readily available for them OR with their branding, logos and information to start generating business opportunities. Alternatively you can get into a very competitive but ever growing e-commerce market yourself and establish an ecommerce website design company using someone else’s proprietary white label website builder solution. And with technology back up already sorted you will find yourself often times in a much better position to compete with established providers, regardless of the market you are aiming at.

As the market puts time, convenience and cost pressures on businesses; complementary skills, minimal start up time and easy access to existing technology becomes vital for strengthening market position. Small local businesses have a chance to have their share of a larger market, while large companies are able to penetrate local or niche markets almost instantly.

If the benefits to company interested in adopting white label website or ecommerce solutions are obvious: cost savings, services diversification, quick market penetration, etc then the benefits for companies who have invested thousands of pounds in development of online platforms which often are also then USPs are not obvious at all! The answer lays in a concept known as “cooperation”, activity not highly valued by businesses in the past, but quickly becoming a good practice for forward-looking businesses of the present. Agility, transparency, diversity, speed of information routing, dynamic pricing, widening of audience reach, full accessibility through online technologies – these are the words that get everyone’s hearts racing faster, and these are consequentially the benefits of white-label cooperation. Advantages of combining capabilities to meet ever changing demands of the market and customers are endless and if executed properly will benefit all stakeholders involved. Simply by building a brand around an existing hi tech system to deliver an amazing all-in-one solution to the customers, creating a one-stop shop for all their needs is a right way forward.

Purchasing a white label solution may not be the ideal way you see your business moving forward, but often times it’s the most reasonable and cost-effective choice for growth and expansion.

Security Systems- A Guide To Your Business Solutions

Security system does not only mean to secure either your home, or business, or yourself. There are much more to that. Installation of security system at home is very different from installing a security system at your office. Office security systems are required to conceal your privacy. The employers should disclose to their employees if they are planning to install security cameras at office. They should make them understand that their privacy can be protected through this device. First, communication plays an important role while taking this initiative. The security cameras are most effective device that one can deploy for his business. This is convenient for tracking the customers when they are walking into or getting access inside the office. Most IT companies set up security cameras for the security of their business transactions and other internal operations. There are some strange perceptions regarding setting up of security cameras inside office premises. The perception is that, few companies are involved in suspicious activities and that is the reason for not adopting security cameras inside.

Here are some tips shared with those, who want to install a security system at their office.

If you are running a business, it is your duty to make your employees understand the need for security system at your office. Reveal them your concern for their security and privacy. There should be motivation from your end towards them to make them feel secure. There should be absolute protection against thefts, violent activities, harassment, or physical assault. An opportunity to the employees would be provided, where they can share their views in open discussions so that there should not be any doubt regarding security camera. This openness will alleviate the suspicions regarding security camera.

Communication through E-mail, newsletters, company board meetings provides a common platform for both the employers and the employees to discuss the security system that the company installs or going to install. Security cameras should be in visible, whenever possible. This will not only deter illegal activities, but also encourage trust. Employees are less likely to believe that they are being watched. It happens only when the cameras are stationed at one area in office. In most cases, companies resort to hidden cameras to detect thefts and robbery. With miniaturization and wireless technology, this security systems can be hidden in the speakers, neck ties, smoke detectors, papers, clocks, boards, entry and exit points. The companies cannot silently record audio as this Act has been limited under the Electronic

Communications Privacy Act of 1986. So a company should deploy video surveillance or CCTV cameras. Setting security camera at office requires judicious thinking. There cannot be hidden cameras at restrooms, cloak rooms, and phone booths because those are private places. Deciding up on the placement of security cameras are most important factor. These must not be noticeable to visitors or customers. Setting up video cameras make your company builds corporate identity.

In most shopping malls, or banks the video surveillance cameras are put up for security reasons. Broadly speaking, these security systems help in great way of protecting them from any unexpected accidents.

Earn Huge Profits With The Help Of These Business Centric Websites!

Ecommerce Website Design needs diverse perception. The key emphasis of such trade centric websites is to earn incomes, and do business. This type of website is nothing but it allows the users to do business online. At the outset, the main purpose of this type of website is to serve the purpose of doing competitive business over the Internet. It is the way the trade traffics over the Internet. There are different layouts of this type of website. Depending on the trades and the audience these formats varies. You can select from so many formats available depending on your need. For this very purpose there are a lot of development companies that are vigorously involved in the consultation. They provide a lot of services for any business type. This type of website is beneficial for any business and it also improves the practical competences of the companies. Their approach helps in high transformation rates and user visits. The main task of these companies is to design and package your website in an effective way. In addition the website content must also be effective, optimized and catchy. All these factors when considered properly allow you to get a perfect website. This provides a strong platform to ensure efficient business. Ecommerce is a great business solution for online business undertakings. It normally includes e-Retail, e-Procurement, e-Marketplaces, and other online business activities. The main advantage of this type of website is that it offers plum features. Increase your online sales and reap a lot of benefits right away! Get the best one for your trade! With some efforts you can select the best agency that suits your need. Go online and reap huge dividends.

In this type of website you can incorporate a lot of qualitative features. You can incorporate search engine optimization, Flash Animation, On-line Flash Screen Demos, link building, pay-per-click, and pay-per-ad etc. A workable site has quantum potential to generate income and huge profits. This is the best bet for getting first hand sales lead. You can achieve this all by executing diverse tactics. If you are searching for professional web and logo designer in London, visit a lot of related websites. These solutions are vital for any business, if you really want to make a lot of money and succeed. Finding a good company to provide you a well-designed website is extremely important. Playing your cards right and that too at the right time will give you immense success and also a lot of customers. This way you can grow your business and can reap huge profits. There are a lot of things to consider when building a brand. As a result, move accordingly and get the best company. Make sure that you do not slack in the process! Go online right away and get benefited right now!

Adt Security Home And Business Solutions

The leading provider for home security solutions provides access control for medium and large scale businesses. Key cards are becoming common place in today’s business environment. With ADT’s incredible security reputation it is not surprising that they provide this service to businesses.

Electronic Access Control solutions come in many forms. ADT Security Services can provide card security and card readers. These are the standard white cards that many of us are so familiar with. The user places their card in front of the card reader to gain access to a building. Another form of card access solutions is the photo I.D. badge system. These cards typically have a picture of the employee and can be used in the same manner. This prevents the “borrowing” of key cards for access. The latest rage in recognition is biometrics. ADT Security Services does provide biometric solutions for business. There are also web-based and PC-based solutions available for any size business.

One of the biggest benefits of an Access Control system is the ability to track and prevent access to buildings or rooms within your organization. ADT Security gives you auditing features that include time and attendance tracking. Employees will feel more secure in their working environment knowing that only people with authorized access can enter the building. A safer working environment can make your business stand out from your competitors.

Another great feature of this incredible security solution is remote administration allowing you to control access to thousands of facilities from one interface. This eliminates the previous need to re-key your locks whenever there is a change of employees. This is a very affordable solution for businesses allowing you to proactively secure your business.

ADT Security has a host of additional solutions for your business including inventory control solutions, monitoring solutions, video surveillance, and safety products.

ADT is best known for their home security solutions and Safewatch Quickconnect. ADT Safewatch QuickConnect is a security system for you home that is wireless allowing for ease of installation. This system has the ability to connect to wireless towers for a complete security monitoring system with Safewatch Cellguard, an optional service.

Homeowners across the world have been delighted with all the advances of the ADT security system. ADT has brought the best components to their home products by including pet-safe motion detectors and a control panel that provides for optional two-way voice communication with ADT associates.
This security provider continues to be ahead of the rest with their advanced components and superior service. These business and home solutions are worth considering keeping your family, employees, and business facilities protected under any circumstances.

At&t Honors Top Solution Providers With Solution Provider Champion Award

AT&T Business Solutions recently honored 88 recipients with the Solution Provider Champion Award. These honorees were participants in the Alliance Channel program and had earned the highest level of sales for the 2009 calendar year. AT&T Alliance Channel recognized the companies at their sales kickoff meeting in Dallas.

The AT&T Alliance Channel program puts its emphasis on providers who work to serve the needs of all sizes of companies. AT&T Business Solutions looks to recognize those providers who have reached certain standards of revenue and training, as well as show a set level of expertise. Winners of the award combine their own expertise and services with the company’s network of customer care, billing, and portfolios to provide their consumers with reliable products and services.

AT&T Business Solutions provides a wide range of services. These include data services, hosting, mobility, security, virtual private networks (also known as VPNs), and voice services. The companies that receive the Business Solution Provider Champion Award have been able to demonstrate their ability to bring first class customer service to their clients, even in the fast-placed marketplace. These companies are able to show their customers how to use the technology that is available to save money and become more productive.

This year’s AT&T Business Solution Provider Champions were broken down into four different levels. This included Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and then the Platinum level for the highest achievers.

The recipients of the 2010 Solution Provider Champion Award include the following companies:

• Advanced Communications, Inc
• Allied Communication, Inc
• Bayou City Communications, Inc
• BCDR Solutions, LLC
• BEK Networks, LLC
• Benchmark Solutions, Inc
• Carrier Access, Inc
• Carriersales.com
• ClearSignal Network
• Communication Systems Solutions Int’l, Inc
• Control Telecom
• D.K. Marketing, Inc
• Enterprise Network Group
• Enterprise Telephony Group
• Evolving Solutions, Inc.
• Gillett Technology Partners
• Globetrend Technologies LLC
• IBS South, LLC
• Integrated Network Solutions
• Intelisys Communications
• Linksource
• Lynx Telecommunications Corp.
• MegaComUSA, LLC
• NetComp Communications Group, Inc
• Network Access Products, Inc.
• NOVO 1
• Perigee Telcom, LLC
• Simplified Communications Group
• Simplify, Inc
• SWA Consulting
• Sytec-USA, Inc.
• Telecommunications Consultants
• Telegration, Inc
• TotalNet, LLC
• Universal ComOne, LLC
• US Network, Inc
• USA Broadband Wireless Corp
• WideNet Outfitters
• Xilec LLC

• ADCom, Inc
• Alliant Technologies, LLC
• Ancero LLC
• Associated Telecommunications, Inc.
• Bridgepoint Technologies, Inc
• Brunton Technologies
• CDW Logistics, Inc
• Configure
• Cooperative Networks, LLC
• Digital Management Solutions, Inc
• DVVCom Technology Group, Inc
• Gemini Communications Corp.
• Integral Choice, Inc.
• LAM Technology, LLC
• Nexlink Communications, Inc
• NextGen Networks
• Niche Marketing Consultants
• Outsource, Inc.
• Presidio Networked
• Sidepath, Inc
• Solutions, Inc
• Spearhead Networks, Inc
• Telecom Logistics, Inc
• Telesource, Inc
• The Portaro Group, Inc
• TMG Marketing, Inc
• Top Speed Data Communications, Inc
• Twin Lights Group, LLC

• Authorized Communications
• DP Sciences Corporation Group, Inc
• Interface Technologies, Inc
• Mensa Group, Inc
• Northern Reader Services, Inc
• Simplified Business Services, LLC
• Spohn Consulting, Inc
• Telco Concepts
• The Heller Group, Inc
• Universal Power Marketing, LLC
• Venture Group Marketing, Inc

• Breakthrough Technology Group
• Cydcor
• Evergreen Telecom Services, LLC
• Linc Communications, LLC
• One Source Telecom, Inc
• Partner Management Group, LLC

Dish Network Enhances Business Prospects Of Its Patrons In Usa

Looking for an outstanding business solution? Drive into the domains of DISH Network and coddle yourself with its brilliant TV programming. DISH TV with its several entertainment packages enhances your business prospects in USA in the most competent way. Whether it’s your small bar, your private office or the busiest hotel in town, DISH Network provides its customers the best television experience where they can enjoy diverse variety of entertainment such as American English entertainment, Latino entertainment, various exhilarating sports, premium movies, HD Channels, International Programs and lots more.

DISH Network provides the ultimate entertainment for the true TV lovers. You can choose from any one of the stirring packages of DISH TV for your private offices, your hotel business, dormitory, hospitals, private network services, etc and surprise your customers at a terrific value they will treasure for a lifetime. Check out DISH TV English Packages, DISH HD Packages, Local Channels, DISH Latino Packages, International Packages, Sports Packages, Premium Movies, Pay-Per-View, Video on Demand, Internet and Phone and several other packages to attract your clients and boost up your businesses in a proficient manner.

The basic DISH TV programming packages are America’s Top 120 Pak, America’s Top 120+ Pak, America’s Top 200 Pak, America’s Top 250 Pak and America’s Everything Pak of 295 channels that broadcast movies, sports, news, weather telecast and lots more. In addition, by subscribing to these packages, you can also enjoy an incredible assortment of foreign language DISH Network channels that reinstate the flavor of your mother tongue while staying in a foreign land.

So bring the ultimate satellite TV entertainment for your hotels, bars or offices premises with DISH NETWORK. DISH TV delivers the best TV entertainment package in the industry for your business.

Seize DISH Network Packages and turn your business into the ultimate destination for entertainment. DISH TV packages will help you get around-the-clock access to breaking news that shapes your industry. DISH NETWORK delivers the programming to cater to your business. Starting from sports clubs to dental offices, DISH TV Pack presents a lucrative way to generate more business. You can always keep your patrons entertained while they wait shop or work out.

You can present before your customers an enhanced in-room experience without cutting into your bottom line by availing DISH TV Pack. With DISH Network, you can also offer your students an extraordinary TV entertainment at least budget. Take DISH Network connection for every room in your dormitory and revitalize your students on their leisure time.

If you take DISH Network connections in your hospital rooms, you can lift up the spirit of your patients with the best satellite TV experience. So make their stay at your hospital more enjoyable with incredible DISH HD Channels. DISH TV presents up to 1700 hours of high definition digital programs. DISH Network programs provides more than 295 channels (with America’s ‘Everything’ Pak) that commonly include over 120 HD channels, 24 international channels, 31 movie channels and around 30 sports channels. Moreover, subscribers of DISH TV are open to upgrade their programming package with diverse pay-per-view channels. Usually, DISH Network has planned various programming packages with price starting as low as $24.99 per month. Satellite TV programs of DISH Network include everything one can expect.

DISH Network allows every subscriber to enjoy satellite programs as per their conveniences. You can have a total control over satellite programming telecasts through high tech functionalities like DISH HD Receivers, DISH DVR Receivers, Standard Receivers, Remotes & Accessories, Google TV, TV Everywhere, etc. You can create a list of your favorites programs for quick search and give them a personal touch with instant play programming set up. So with DISH TV, you will never miss an interesting programming while watching the other.

Grab any of the lucrative packages of DISH NETWORK and maximize your return on investments.

Facts To Know About Efficient E-commerce Solutions To Increase Online Sales

Only he is successful in online business who knows the trick to manage the business complexities. If you know how to handle certain things, you can go on to that level and achieve utmost success from your online entity. However, one efficient way is to discuss with experts or consult with a professional firm to avail e-commerce solutions. But, discovering the right provider from the crew of service providers can be a bit difficult task.

With many online businesses coming to the market, there also increases the number of SEO companies providing various services to help businesses get what they expect from their online venture. The SEO Companies providing e-commerce solutions for your online business is indeed the most perfect service your business needs to maintain better market position. Although the companies ensure guaranteed service, you must thoroughly investigate all the features beforehand else you would spend money ineffectually.

Over the past few years, the multitude of e-commerce business solution providers has grown so fast. Today, no online business entrepreneur can thought of running business without the assistance of effective solutions provider. The service leaves positive imprints on your online business by helping in providing better traffic for your online business entity. Furthermore, it is assumed that the expanding market of internet service provider has further added sparks to the easy growth of e-commerce.

However, finding an ideal e-commerce solution for your business cannot be so easy. You must consider certain things that the services you choose not just enable visitors to visit your website on a regular basis, but also make every commercial procedure unperturbed. The other facet of first-rate e-commerce service is to provide a sense of protection to your potential customers so that they can trust you while hiring for the service.

Today when internet covers the largest market for business, online business solutions will really help you earn maximum profits beyond your desire.

Diy Video Production For Business – How To Create And Share Your Business Video

IBM Uses “Do It Yourself” Video to Communicate and Market

IBM uses the vzaar video platform because of the power and features of the video player, as well as its overall simplicity, ease of use and the cost effectiveness

“No more long, cumbersome marketing documents – no more boring presentations. Video is how companies and business should communicate,” says Mark Leaser, Worldwide Offerings Manager, IBM Software Services for Lotus. “You can do it yourself and save thousands of dollars.
IBM Software Services for Lotus is using video in a wide variety of ways – for internal education and communications as well as for external marketing and customer relations.

Internally, Mr. Leaser and his department are using video for sales training, communication where they want to propose a particular course of action, and to provide training of their technical solution architects and solution specialists. They also are doing internal case studies – talking head interviews and lots of screen capture using their own LotusLive web conference solution and mixing it with live video.

IBM is also using video externally to promote and market their assets and solutions worldwide. The video messages are designed to help customers select, purchase and use the appropriate business solutions.

To speed up the production process, and to ensure a consistent look and feel, Mr. Leaser has developed an effective standardized format to deliver these external messages. These external communication videos usually start with a short teaser – essentially a one to two minute video introduction to a business solution then followed by an action step that is designed to steer viewers to specific online IBM landing pages with much more detail.

Combining the best practices from successful eCommerce and eTailing sites, these landing pages use even more video to further educate and market products and services. A typical video landing page will include links to additional content including additional video and product information. The landing page can also include “infomercial” type videos, as well as videos on how the products work and where to go for more info.

“We use video as a means of attracting interest in something that we are doing,” says Mark Leaser. “The video segments have to be more than a commercial – we have to offer content with value, information of how our solutions will help our customer’s business, and tips for using particular solutions.”

IBM Saves Money by Producing In House

Currently IBM uses outside production services as well as internal teams to create their videos. The customer case studies and/or reference videos are usually produced by an external company but increasingly, a larger percentage of the videos are being produced internally. Many of the videos are shot at tradeshows and events where IBM’s various technical and product experts are in attendance. According to Mark, “Rather than hiring an outsider who charges $10K to $15K to produce a video, we can do it ourselves, single camera, for a small fraction of the price, and it is just as effective. Over a year, we can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Some case study videos are shot multi-camera but 90% of all productions are single camera. Most of the videos are captured using standard HD prosumer camcorders (recording onto 16 gigabyte SD cards) with flat lighting from a single large lightbox. For capturing audio, Mark uses professional Sony lavaliere microphones and Audio Technica shotgun microphones. Mark says, “Simple works. One of the most important technical details is to make sure we have clean audio.”

To improve the efficiency of the video editing and production process, the video is captured in a native Quicktime format and then inputted into Mac computers running Final Cut Studio. Mark has settled on h.264 and DVKitchen for compression and distribution over the company’s intranet as well as over the Internet. Mark usually compresses at the standard Apple TV settings (h.264 at 1280×720 with a 4800 kbps data rate) but DV Kitchen makes it simple to provide a variety of compression templates for various viewing and distribution options.

“In many ways our video production process is just like producing a document using Microsoft word,” comments Mark. “We use standardized formats and templates, and standardized technical specifications that allow a “producer” to easily cut and assemble a video without having to know a lot of technical details.”

Once the video is done, the IBM team can share it in a variety of ways. For internal videos, they often use their own internal media servers or YouTube where the videos can be viewed using the standard YouTube video player.

However, for their external marketing videos, they were not satisfied with embedding YouTube in their public facing pages because there was too much clutter and not enough brand control. To give them more control and present a more professional look, they use outside video hosting companies and video platforms that can be customized.

“For some video, we have been using the Vzaar video platform because of the power and features of their video player, as well as its overall simplicity, ease of use and the cost effectiveness,” explained Mark. “I am a very busy guy with worldwide management and communication responsibilities – I don’t have time to fiddle with video compression settings and options. Vzaar makes my job easier.”

“Authoring video in house works for us,” Mark says, “Our current generation IT decision makers understand the video language and often don’t have the patience to wade through a white paper or technical presentation. To properly reach them, information needs to be presented in a lively, colorful and high-energy mode that can only be conveyed via video.”


Mark Leaser’s three reasons your business should use video to communicate

1. Use video – it works. The impact is phenomenal. Following the lead of the direct marketing industry which claims a 4x improvement in response in video versus text, Mark says that short videos with links is the most effective way for establishing powerful outward bound communications and building brand equity. Your audience expects video and you need to give it to them. An effective business presents information in a manner that is most receptive by their target audience.

2. Learn how to do it yourself. Modern video technology and solutions are easy to learn and very affordable. In many ways similar to cut and paste word processing, DIY video production has become the baseline for business communications and marketing. It is similar to the past evolution to word processing from executives relying on secretaries. The stratified and inefficient business architecture of the “Mad Men” TV show is long gone. Similarly, a new business communication paradigm is occurring now with video. Word processing is being supplanted by video. Long documents and boring powerpoint presentations are being replaced by video. Because DIY video is so efficient as a communications tool, it should be an integral part of your business.

3. Video is easier than people think. It is no longer some mystical technology. Yes, 20 years ago, video was complicated, expensive and required an advanced degree. However, with the advent of simple to use video nonlinear “cut and paste” editing programs and affordable high definition digital camcorders, high quality production is now attainable by almost anyone. You can hire someone out of high school who has all the skills. Remember – for business, simple works best. It is all about communicating ideas and information, not fancy effects or 3D explosions.